Aerea RR Full Carbon

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¿You are looking for a racket with a lot of power and that is made entirely of carbon If the answer is yes, then this is your racket. It is the Paddek Aerea RR blade made entirely with 3K braided carbon on the surface and the profile with carbon tubular. This translates into a highly durable racket, with a hard touch and a lot of power. In addition, its high-strength EVA rubber makes it easy for the player to hit powerful shots that will leave the opponent speechless..

  • Shape: Diamond The diamond shape gives more power to the blade since its center of gravity is located at the top of it.
  • Profile: 38mm → To comply with the rules of paddle tennis.
  • Core: Carbon→ Carbon is an ultra-light material with maximum resistance. In addition, being less resilient than fiberglass offers more power during the game.
  • Tubular: Carbon→ The carbon tubular allows your shovel to have a very high life expectancy as it will be highly resistant to shocks.
  • Rubber: EVA Hard→ The EVA Hard rubber offers more power.
  • Weight: 361 gr 10 grr) → Very light racket that benefits your health and that of your shoulder during the game.
  • RLS Reinforced Laminated Structure) By including K-VI laminated carbon in the planes of the blade, this technology increases the resistance of the core, guaranteeing hours of intense gameplay.
  • LRB Lightweight Racket Balance) The combination of weight and reinforcement distribution provides a perfect balance between the handle, the bridge and the planes of the blade.
  • FREE cover included→ All our rackets always have a free Paddek cover so that our customers can keep the racket from day one.
  • Free shipping→ We offer free shipping in Spain.Check the conditions shipping for delivery in another country.

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