Pu-239 Full Carbon Padel Racket + Cover

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Do you know what the worst thing about carrying a shovel from a well-known brand is? That when you are on the court, the player next to you carries the same shovel as you. What is different about these brands? The answer is:NOTHING. Do you know how you would enjoy more playing paddle tennis? The answer is:wearing a Paddek shovel with a groundbreaking design and quality that you will not find in other brands. Its matt color finishes (preferred by 80% of players) and its logo with visible carbon will captivate you and you will be the envy of other players. In addition, the materials of the Pu-239 racket will offer you greater performance during the game thanks to its excellent control/power balance.
  • Shape:Teardrop The teardrop shape offers an excellent balance between control and power.
  • Profile:38 mm → To comply with the padel regulations.
  • Core:Carbon → Carbon is an ultra-light material with maximum resistance. In addition, being harder than fiberglass it offers more power during the game.
  • Tubular:Carbon → The carbon tubular allows your racket to have a very high life expectancy as it will be highly resistant to shocks.
  • Rubber:EVA Hard EVA Hard rubber offers more power.
  • Weight:360 gr (± 10 gr) → Very light racket that benefits your health and that of your shoulder during the game.
  • RLS (Reinforced Laminated Structure) By including K-VI laminated carbon in the planes of the blade, this technology increases the resistance of the core, guaranteeing hours of intense play.
  • LRB (Lightweight Racket Balance) The combination of weight and distribution of reinforcements provides a perfect balance between the handle, the bridge and the planes of the blade.
  • FREE cover included → All our rackets always have a free Paddek cover so that our clients can keep the racket from day one.
  • FREE Shipping → We offer free shipping in Spain. Check the shipping conditions for delivery to another country.

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