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¡NOVEDAD! ¡Personalizamos tu pala de pádel!

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New Shovel Pu-239 Full Carbon

Do you know what the worst thing about carrying a shovel from a known brand is? That when you are on the court, the player next to you carries the same shovel as you. What is different about these brands? The answer is:NOTHING. Do you know how you would enjoy more playing paddle tennis? The answer is:wearing a Paddek shovel with a groundbreaking design that you will not be able to find in other brands. Its finishes in matt colors (preferred by 80% of the players) and its logo with exposed carbon will captivate you and you will be the envy of other players.

In addition, the Pu-239 K-VI shovel is made to offer a perfect balance between control and power. Engineered by engineers and made to win.

K-VI defines the thousands of carbon filaments per braid. Therefore, the Pu-239 K-VI paddle contains up to 6000 strands per braid, making it almost indestructible. In addition, the carbon fiber offers great lightness that allows the player to have greater control of the racket and benefits their health and that of their shoulder during the game.

New Shovel U-235

• Shape:Teardrop → The teardrop shape offers an excellent balance between control and power.
• Profile:38 mm → To comply with the padel regulations.
• Core:Glass → Fiberglass is softer than carbon fiber. For this reason, it is used when you want a greater output of the ball in the blade, greater shock absorption and control.
• Tubular:Carbon → The carbon tubular allows your racket to have a very high life expectancy as it will be highly resistant to shocks.
• Rubber:EVA Soft → EVA Soft rubber offers greater shock absorption, therefore it helps to better control blows. In addition, it offers greater ball output.
• Weight:350 gr (± 10 gr) → Very light blade that benefits your health and that of your shoulder during the game.
• Game:Ball output:100% - Control:100% - Power:90%

• LRB (Lightweight Racket Balance) → The combination of weight and distribution of reinforcements provides a perfect balance between the handle, the bridge and the planes of the blade.
• FREE cover included → All our rackets always have a free Paddek cover so that our customers can keep the racket from day one.
• FREE Shipping → We offer free shipping in Spain. Check the shipping conditions for delivery to another country.

Tarjetas Regalo

¿Estás buscando una pala de pádel para alguien especial pero no sabes cuál escoger? Entonces la tarjeta regalo es la mejor opción para ti. Se trata de una tarjeta que emitirá un código cuando finalices la compra que podrás usar en nuestra web para descontar su valor en cualquiera de nuestros productos. La puedes regalar sin problemas y tu amig@ podrá escoger la pala Paddek que más le guste. ¿Mola no? ¡Además NO CADUCA! ¡Es tu mejor opción si no sabes que regalar!


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